CultFilms is a new label, specialising in distributing the finest art-house world cinema and the best cult classics on DVD and Blu-ray.

Born from the fusion of Nouveaux Pictures and Argent Films, two long standing pioneering world cinema labels established in the 90s, with over a quarter century of curating experience, CultFilms specialises in restoring and releasing well-renowned classics and little known gems to discerning audiences everywhere.

Our library includes a collection of the best works of Fellini’s genius, including the epoch-making LA DOLCE VITA and 8 ½, the still burningly topical THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS by Gillo Pontecorvo, and works by Luchino Visconti and neorealist master Vittorio De Sica. We also have seminal works from edgier cult masters such as Dario Argento, Tinto Brass and Sergio Corbucci, director of the original DJANGO, revered in Tarantino’s avowed homage to the Spaghetti Western genre.