A Bullet for the General 7

Bullet for a general

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Exclusive Interview with Alex Cox & Director Damiano Damiani, Theatrical Trailer & English Audio Track

A Bullet for the General

At the height of the Mexican Revolution, a gang of bandits led by the charismatic El Chuncho (a mesmerising Gian Maria Volonté – of the DOLLARS) are stealing weapons to sell them on to rebel “General” Elias. During a raid on a train, a mysterious gringo, Tate (Lou Castel), assists the bandits by killing the train driver. Chuncho takes an instant liking to Tate who insinuates himself into the gang, which also includes crazed, grenade-lobbing, priest, El Santo (Klaus Kinski) and the beautiful Adelita (007’s Martine Beswick). But Tate is in fact a covert US assassin sent to kill the rebel “General” Elias with a gold bullet he keeps with him at all times.

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