Federico Fellini Four Films 1
Running Time
563 mins
Release Date
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• 1080p HD
• Format: Blu-ray
• Aspect ratio: 16/9 Widescreen, 1.85:1 Widescreen, 4:3
• Feature length: 563 min
• Certificate: 15
• Audio: Italian
• English subs
• Region code: BD: B
• Cat: CULT702
• Original Release: 1963/60/65/53

  • 8½ OSCAR® for Best Foreign Film
  • La Dolce Vita Palme d’Or (Cannes)
  • Giuietta degli Spiriti Best Foreign Film at the GOLDEN GLOB
  • I Vitelloni Winner Venice Film Festival

• Interview with star Sandra Milo “A Charming Spirit”
• Interview with Lina Wertmüller, the 1st woman ever nominated for an Oscar® for best Director, was Fellini’s Assistant Director on 8½.
• “The Lost Ending“ (50 min) Unique document: Fellini, Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anouk Aimée,  Sandra Milo and the whole cast and crew talk about making 8½.
• Tribute to Fellini’s speech, receiving his Life Achievement Oscar®
• New improved English subtitles

• Interview with star Anita Ekberg
• Re-mastered from restored digital sources
• New improved English subtitles

• New, restored and re-graded from HD source material
• Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger:  “Understanding Fellini”
• Exclusive Video Essay by Prof. Guido Bonsaver: “Dazzling Spirits”
• New improved English subtitles

• New, restored and re-graded from HD source material
• Exclusive Video Essay by Guido Bonsaver “Becoming Fellini”
• New improved English subtitles

Federico Fellini Four Films


The 4 essential Fellini films in one must-have boxset collection. One of the most original creative minds of the 20th Century, Fellini is unanimously voted by critics and filmmakers as one of the greatest directors of all time.

  • Fellini’s most acclaimed work, 8 1/2 won 2 Oscars®, it is perennially voted the ultimate film ever, with Mastroianni playing Fellini’s alter-ego, a film director with a creative block: struggling, he retreats in dreamy recollections of his life and lovers…
  • La Dolce Vita is Fellini’s most popular masterpiece . An epoch-making landmark having become a cultural reference and an expression in itself, it is filled with mesmerising images like Anita Ekberg frolicking in Rome’s Trevi fountain. It is one of the most influential and truly iconic films of all times.
  • Giuietta degli Spiriti is Fellini’s 1st colour masterpiece. Presented here for the 1st time ever in full-HD finally doing justice to the director’s dazzling explosion of ‘felliniesque’ vision. This idiosyncratic paean to Woman a breathtakingly beautiful fantastical carnival ride with outstanding colour cinematography.
  • Rooted in Neorealism, I Vitelloni is a pivotal Fellini masterpiece, observing the mores of 1950s Italy where a clique of idlers, the ‘Vitelloni’ of the title, try to avoid adulthood. It is the avowed prototype for films like ‘Mean Street’ American Graffiti and others…