Fifty Shades of Brass Boxset

Fifty Shades of Brass Boxset

Contains three of Tinto Brass’s best and most notorious features: Salon Kitty (1976), Miranda (1985) and The Voyeur (1993).
Based on a true story, this shockingly controversial film is an unflinching portrayal of the criminal depravity of the Nazi party and the ruthless use of sex to destroy opponents and control the Third Reich. Stunning set designs from Oscar®-winner Ken Adams (designer of most James Bond films and Kubrick’s BARRY LYDON).
Showcasing Brass’ luscious photography and carefully choreographed set-pieces and showing off the spectacular, titanically proportioned, Serena Grandi, whose completely uninhibited, gleeful naturalness perfectly embodies the Miranda character, and permitted Brass to push explicit eroticism to the doors of hardcore..
A young university professor, is the Voyeur of the title reliving various moments of his sex life through a series of erotic flashbacks, trying to understand his wife’s bizarre sexual needs and win her back. He also observes the night-time habits of his brazen uninhibited maid and witnesses the totally liberated dalliances of one of his student, a dusky beauty.