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Juliet of the Spirits

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Juliet Of The Spirits

Fellini’s first full length colour feature is also a homage to his wife, Giulietta Masina who gives a superb performance in this stunning cinematic classic.

Giulietta is a bored, timid and unfulfilled wife who suspect that her husband is being unfaithful.  She enters a surreal fantasy journey of discovery filled with dreams and fantasies.  The images that Fellini creates become more and more dazzling and hypnotic in their effect.  Much of her fantasies involved her sexually liberated neighbour Suzy, played by Sandra Milo, but are they part of the plot or is Fellini exploring his own desire?

Fellini’s self-styled ‘adult fairy tale’ is a kaleidoscope of visual wonders complimented by a truly delightful Nino Rota score.



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