Juliet of the Spirits- Dual Edition (Bluray + DVD) 7

Juliet of the Spirits Trailer

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Two unique commissioned extras from Fellini Critics.

  • Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger (Diabolique)
  • Video Essay by Prof Guido Bonsaver, Oxford University

Juliet of the Spirits- Dual Edition (Bluray + DVD)

For the First time on Bluray worldwide!

FELLINI’S FIRST COLOUR MASTERPIECE OUT ON CULTFILMS, now fully restored for its first Bluray release worldwide! A dazzling, giddy, triumphant explosion of Felliniesque  wonder! Finally doing justice to the original vision of Federico Fellini!

Giulietta (Felllini’s real-life wife and ‘La Strada’ star) is a somewhat frumpy, naive, timid and unfulfilled housewife. Suspecting her husband’s infidelity, she enters a surreal journey of self-discovery filled with wild dreams and enchanting fantasies, much of which involve her sexually liberated neighbour Suzy (Sandra Milo – ‘8 ½’) and her impossibly glamorous sixties lifestyle!

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