Suspiria (Dual Edition - Embossed & Numbered Slipcase) 7

Suspiria 4K

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Music by: GOBLIN

The new 4K scan was painstakingly restored by TLE Films* in Germany with the crucially distinct colour palette reinstated in accordance with Argento’s original Technicolor Dye Transfer specification, using period films materials as reference.

The restorers also reinserted all missing frames which had degraded badly or were simply lost over the years, making this version which is premiered by CultFilms the most complete and original looking version of SUSPIRIA, finally doing justice to Argento’s original vision.

*(TLEFilms’ acclaimed works include the Clint Eastwood “Dollar’ Leone westerns, Fritz Lang’s ‘M’, most Otto Preminger’s films to name a few.)

  • Special Dual Edition: DVD and Bluray
  • 4K restoration
  • New Extra: long interview of Dario Argento discussing his Suspiria
  • New Extra: Exclusive Dario Argento Introduction of this new 4k restoration
  • Audio Commentary by critics Kim Newman and Alan Jones
  • Fear at 400 Degrees: interview with Argento and Claudio Simonetti
  • Interview with Claudio Simonetti, Norman J Warren and Patricia McComack (Blu only)
  • New Extra: The 4K Restoration Process “utterly fascinating”

Suspiria 4K (Dual Edition)

SUSPIRIA…like you’ve never experienced – restored in 4K!

Italian horror auteur Dario Argento unleashed the ultimate cult film with his visionary symphony of violence, SUSPIRIA. Ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives at the prestigious Tanz Academy in Freiburg, a school plagued by gruesome and supernatural happenings. Soon students begin to die in horrific circumstances – is Suzy next, and can she uncover the academy’s sinister secret before it’s too late?

Abandoning the black gloves of the giallo in favour of a witchy brew of magic and murder, Argento carved a Baroque nightmare, saturated with expressive colour and punctuated by shocking violence.