The Battle of Algiers

Battle of Algiers

Running Time
121 mins
Release Date
Directed by

An exclusive interview with Director Gillo Pontecorvo & producer/protagonist Saadi Yacef (head of FLN guerrillas), Interview with FLN fighter Sohra Drif Bitat, Exclusive Presentation by Director Paul Greengrass & Ken Loach

Photo Gallery, Film Trailer, Contains 24 page booklet: “Italians in Algiers”, French Arabic & Separate Italian Audio Tracks + Optional English Subtitles

The Battle of Algiers

Digitally RE-MASTERED IN HIGH DEFINITION from restored archive elements approved by the filmmakers, this all-time classic release of “The Battle Of Algiers” also commemorates the 50th anniversary of Algerian independence. This new HD version includes some previously unseen footage, making this the most complete edition ever anywhere.

tells the story of the life-and-death struggle between the French colonial government of Algeria and the Algerian Liberation Front, the FLN, who wanted the French out and were willing to set off bombs to do it. The French sent in their elite Paratroopers with the order to use Any Means to break the insurgent – torture included. It’s a true story, done on location with many of the FLN appearing in it, including the producer who was an FLN leader. This film is a passionate yet completely impartial record of struggle which led to Algeria’s Independence.

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