Umberto D

Umberto D

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The DVD also features an hour-plus documentary featuring Cannes and Oscar ® winners Roberto Benigni (LA VITA E BELLA), Bernardo Bertolucci (LAST EMPEROR) and Carlo Lizzani, who directs this investigation of the mysteries of Neorealism and its founders; as seen through the provocative personality of Zavattini not just in his partnership with De Sica but also in his many other masterpieces, which shaped Italian and World Cinema forever.

Umberto D

Hailed by Martin Scorsese as “De Sica’s greatest achievement“, UMBERTO D surpasses even ‘Bicycle Thieves’ in many critics’ rating as one of the greatest films of all time.
A heartfelt portrait of an impoverished retired civil servant who lives in a rented room in postwar Rome with only his beloved dog and a teenage housemaid as companions. Faced with eviction when he can’t keep up with his rent, the old man struggles to make ends meet and maintain his dignity, but his growing despair leads him to contemplate suicide.
Written by De Sica’s long-standing collaborator Cesare Zavattini (who is the subject of an in-depth documentary extra on this DVD), UMBERTO D’s depiction of poverty, old age and­ loneliness – far from being a recipe for bleakness -­ is bursting with life.