At CultFilms we are really excited about the launch of the crowd-funding campaign on to help funding the release of the restored and remastered version of SUSPIRIA in 4K in ULTRA HD and standard Blu-ray.

CultFilms’ release of Dario Argento’s masterpiece SUSPIRIA in 4K will be out on DVD and Blu-ray later on this autumn. BUT we believe that SUSPIRIA deserves to be seen at its best, so we would also like to release a UHD and standard Blu-ray dual format SteelBook…and that’s why we need our backers’ support!

By his own admission SUSPIRIA is Dario Argento’s favourite film and he challenged himself to obtain the most striking visual and the most daring shots. It is a film that deserves to be seen in a cinema, in the dark like the Master of Horror advocates or with the most advanced home video support.

Some of you will be able to go and see SUSPIRIA in 4K in cinemas across the UK in October and November – including the upcoming sold out CultFilms screening event at the Barbican introduced by Dario Argento with Q and A session moderated by Alan Jones on the 14th of November.

But we want to bring the cinematic experience to your own home. We will do this by releasing a Dual Edition containing a standard Blu-ray and a UHD disc, so you can enjoy the film in all its cinematic glory. This will be one of the first non mainstream films to come out in UHD format.

And to top it all off, we will commission a beautifully designed, shiny, embossed, numbered SteelBook!

This special edition will be limited to only 950 units. We are very enthusiastic about this project and we hope you will be too as we are going to need your full support to be able to fund this release!

The campaign will start on the 30th of October – just in time for Halloween and we hope that you will be backing us by getting your hands on a limited edition of SUSPIRIA in UHD for only £29.00. If you are among the first 85 people to support our campaign there is a special Early Bird Perk of only £24.00.

This is a great chance of getting a numbered UHD SteelBook at an incredible price!

So please spread the word and help us release the future-proof version of Suspiria.